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Autrian scene
Image: Relaxing in the Zillertal Alps, Tirol



Today, Austria is a small, neutral country in the heart of Europe and a full member of the European Community and Eurozone. The beauty of the landscape is legendary, drawing visitors in winter for skiing, in summer for mountains and lakeside walking, and all the year round for music and opera.

The capital Vienna, was the jewel in the crown of a very cosmopolitan European Empire exercising enormous political and intellectual power.

History has compelled Austrians to compromise politically, but they will not compromise their quality of life.

They have turned their heritage and culture to good advantage, developed new high- tech industries, and established good relationships with their former Communist neighbours to the East as well as their EU partners.

They country has enjoyed a small economical miracle in the past years although current global financial uncertainty is having its effect here too.

Here we will try to describe the real Austria, providing information on customs and traditions; values and guidance on many aspects of Austrian life.

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