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Members at the caves Dachstein Eishöhlen
Image: Members at the caves Dachstein Eishöhlen

About us


The Anglo-Austrian Society started as a political society and later expanded into an organisation active in many fields, promoting and maintaining friendly relations between the peoples of Britain and Austria.

Grossarl ValleyFrom its foundation on July 12, 1944 until April 9, 1946 it was named the Anglo-Austrian Democratic Society.

Its purpose was to interest the British public in the fate of Austria at the end of the war, to assist in the restoration of Austrian independence and democracy and to help in preventing Austria from falling into the Russian sphere of influence in Europe.

That these aims could be achieved was at that time by no means certain.

The starting-point for these political activities was the Moscow Declaration issued by the three major allied powers (Great Britain, the United States and the Soviet Union) on November1, 1943.

In this statement the allied powers for the first time clearly announced their intention that Austria should be restored as an independent country.

Image of Grossarl Valley Austria.

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